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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Wheel balancing Aberdeen is a crucial process of equalising the combined weight of the tyres and wheel assemblies around the circumference.

Routine wheel balancing checks are recommended. If necessary, counterweights are attached to the zones of weight disparity in order to balance the wheels evenly. Correctly balanced wheels will give you a smoother, safer and more fuel-efficient drive. We conduct wheel balancing as standard practice every time we install new tyres on your vehicle.

Have you been searching for wheel balancing Aberdeen? Then try Laws Tyres.

What causes wheel imbalance?

    • Worn-out shock absorbers and other suspension components.
    • Impact caused due to driving over bumps and through potholes.
    • Manufacturing defects in wheels and tyres.

Also, the valve stem hole of a wheel makes that particular side of the unit lighter.

Signs of unbalanced wheels

    • Odd vibrations in the steering wheel, seats and floorboards.
    • A decline in fuel efficiency.
    • The control and handling of the vehicle is also compromised to a considerable extent.
    • Uneven tyre wear

We, at Laws Tyres, have highly trained technicians who use state-of-the-art balancers to detect the spots of imbalances on your car’s wheels.

How do we perform wheel balancing at our garage?

Some of the steps we follow at our garage for wheel balancing Aberdeen are stated below:

    • Our experts first mount the wheel plus tyre on the balancing machine
    • The wheel is them spun at a high speed.
    • Our technicians take note of the readings and measurements generated.
    • The data collected is analysed, and the unbalanced spots of the car wheels are identified.
    • Finally, eco-friendly lead-free counterweights are attached to balance the weight and create uniformity.

How do routine wheel balancing checks help?

    • Less vibrations are felt in the seats, floorboards and steering wheel while driving, thus making the ride smoother.
    • Fuel efficiency of the vehicle improves.
    • Extended tyre life.

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