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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


Most car owners can easily spot the contrasting features of regular passenger car tyres and 4x4 tyres Aberdeen by paying close attention. Compared to standard units, 4x4 tyres possess larger tread blocks and deeper grooves. These distinct features enable car owners to experience a superior driving experience on uneven terrain besides unmatched handling on-road.

Are you looking to equip your SUV with the best set of 4x4 tyres Aberdeen? You’ve landed at the right place. Laws Tyres is renowned for its extensive collection of 4x4 units. Our stock includes tyres belonging to different price ranges to cater to various budget requirements. You also have the option to buy tyres online from us.

Key features of SUV tyres Aberdeen

As noted above, these units possess special construction features, which are discussed in detail below:

  • Wide grooves
  • The wide grooves of 4x4 units evacuate mud and slush in off-road conditions, thus eliminating the chances of aquaplaning.

  • Unique tread design
  • Compared to standard car tyres, these units feature an aggressive tread design that provides enhanced traction and improved braking ability on unfavourable tracks.

  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • The strong and thick reinforced sidewalls of 4x4 tyres make the units much more resistant to punctures, besides providing an enhanced handling performance.

    It’s vital for car owners to note that there are three options when it comes to 4x4 units. Hence, they must choose the best car tyres Aberdeen considering their on-and-off-road driving needs.

    Different types of 4x4 tyres Aberdeen

    Here are the three types of 4x4 tyres that you can purchase at our facility:

  • 4x4 mud-terrain tyres
  • These units feature a chunky tread design that ensures unparalleled traction on muddy surfaces. Furthermore, the large tread blocks, in combination with the deep grooves, prevent the mud from getting stuck to the tread.

  • 4x4 all-terrain tyres
  • You can find this variant of 4x4 tyres Aberdeen for SUVs and other 4-wheel-drive vehicles. The features of these units are somewhat similar to that of mud-terrain tyres. They come with more or less identical blocks in terms of size and arrangement. The unique tread structure of these 4x4 units provides optimal traction on both highway and muddy terrain, leading to a superior driving experience. Are you looking to buy 4x4 tyres Aberdeen to fulfil both on- and off-road driving requirements? In that case, drive down to our facility for the best prices.

  • 4x4 highway-terrain tyres
  • These units have been primarily designed for on-road usage. 4x4 highway-terrain tyres feature a tread design, which is similar to that of standard car tyres. Furthermore, these 4x4 tyres Aberdeen are known to provide superior grip, especially on wet tarmacs. You can also use these in off-road conditions; however, make sure that the terrain is not that challenging.

    Your search for the best “tyres near me” ends here with Laws Tyres.

    Drive over to our facility to purchase the best car tyres in the city at an affordable price. We’re located at Unit 4, Hareness Circle, Aberdeen, AB12 3LY. In case of any query, call us on 01224230750 during business hours for immediate assistance.