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Are you looking for Exhausts Service for your vehicle?


A faulty exhaust system can cause your vehicle to fail annual MOT due to the negative environmental impact and reduced roadworthiness. As a result, you will have to face hefty repair bills. Hence, if you come across any of the symptoms of a malfunctioning car exhaust system, avail expert help immediately.

If you are on the lookout for a professional garage for exhaust service Aberdeen, look no further than Laws Tyres.  Our exhaust inspection and replacement services are highly recommended in and around Aberdeen. We are equipped with modern tools that can detect any fault in your car’s exhaust system in no time. Also, we stock genuine spares, and parts of various makes and models, and hence, we can replace damaged exhaust parts of an SUV, passenger car or any high-end sports car without any hassle.

What is the function of a car exhaust system?

Your car’s exhaust system performs some crucial functions, like:

    • Reducing harmful toxins produced during the fuel combustion process.
    • Purifies the gases before releasing them into the environment.
    • Prevents obnoxious gases from entering the driver and passenger cabins.

Hence, if you notice any symptom of a faulty exhaust system, come to us immediately.

What are the symptoms of a faulty exhaust system?

Wondering what the warning signs of a damaged exhaust are?

    • Stench of noxious gases: A faulty exhaust system fails to filter out noxious gases and channel them away from the vehicle cabin. This leads to a strong smell of gases in the driver and passenger cabins, thereby causing severe health issues.
    • Poor fuel economy: A malfunctioning automobile exhaust jeopardises your vehicle’s engine's performance and causes it to burn more fuel to function effectively.
    • Excessive noise: A damaged muffler, leaking manifold gasket, or cracked pipes, can also lead to knocking or clunking sounds.
    • Poor acceleration: Do you have to put extra effort to take off from a starting stop? Then it can be a symptom of a faulty exhaust.
    • Engine misfires: A clogged catalytic converter can cause the motor to misfire. If you detect this warning sign, do not waste time searching garage for exhaust repair Aberdeen services and come down to our garage immediately.

Why visit us?

Laws Tyres offers a comprehensive check of all exhaust components before deciding the best course of action.

Our experts will inspect components, like:

    • Catalytic converter
    • Exhaust manifold
    • Muffler or silencer box
    • Tailpipes
    • Oxygen sensors, etc.

Apart from this, our experts will also check other related car components if deemed necessary. Further, our service charges are also reasonable and will help you save a great deal.

Still searching for exhaust servicing near me?

Put an end to it and come to Laws Tyres during business hours. Please book an appointment prior to your visit.