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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?


With Laws Tyres, you won't have to look for “brake repair service near me” anymore.

Faulty brakes are one of the main reasons behind accidents. To ensure safety while driving, it is essential to go for regular brake checks and timely brake repair Aberdeen.

If you come across the following symptoms, you must get your car's braking system inspected immediately at a professional garage for brake pad replacement Aberdeen like us at Laws Tyres.

Signs of a faulty braking system

An increase in rolling distance

One of the most crucial signs of a faulty brake is the increase in rolling distance. If your vehicle cannot come to a halt immediately after the brakes are applied, it may result in serious accidents.

To avoid mishaps like such, get your car brakes checked at our garage routinely and opt for a brake pad replacement Aberdeen

ABS indicator light is on

A car's dashboard has a small indicator in the shape of an inverted horseshoe. This is the ABS indicator. In case your car's brakes are not working correctly, this indicator starts blinking, indicating a possible defect that must be inspected as soon as possible.

Vehicle veering to a particular side

If your car veers to the left or right on braking, it might be due to worn-out brake pads, discs or rotors.

Low responsive brakes

Some of the significant reasons behind reduced brake responsiveness are:

    • Worn-out brake shoes and/or discs
    • Inadequate brake fluid
    • Leakage in the master cylinder

Metallic grinding noise

Wear and tear in the brake pads may cause a metallic grinding or squealing noise on applying the brakes.

Chemical stench

If you notice a chemical or burning smell, it may be a sign of damaged brake pads. This happens due to the overheating of the braking system. In case you detect any of these symptoms, make sure to visit Laws Tyres at Unit 4, Hareness Circle, Aberdeen, AB12 3LY immediately.

At our facility, our experts will check the following damage-prone parts of your car’s braking system and provide brake repair Aberdeen accordingly:

    • Brake rotors
    • Discs
    • Brake pads
    • Callipers, etc.

You can call us on 01224230750 for further details and to book an appointment at your convenience.