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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Correct tyre pressure is instrumental to the handling control and overall performance of your car. It also ensures optimal braking and enhances fuel economy.

Laws Tyres is a professional garage that offers free tyre pressure check Aberdeen. We recommend car owners to opt for a tyre pressure check once every two weeks to be on the safer side. You need not book any prior appointment for this check. Just drive to our facility during business hours for a quick check.

What causes incorrect tyre pressures?

  • Tyre valve damage
  • Faulty puncture repairs
  • Rapid tyre wear due to unbalanced or misaligned wheels
  • Missing routine checks over a long period
  • Old tyres

Some consequences of faulty tyre pressure

Driving with faulty tyres (this includes wrongly inflated ones) is illegal they pose a number of immediate threats during your drive.

Some other issues you may face due to missing routine tyre pressure check Aberdeen are:

    • Diminished fuel economy: Incorrect air pressure can lead to more tyre revolutions. This consumes more fuel and results in a decreased fuel economy.
    • Increased wear and tear: Under-inflation or over-inflation of tyres will compromise on the gripping ability of the units and can cause premature wear and tear. This can lead to unexpected expenses due to more frequent tyre replacement Aberdeen.
    • Poor hydroplaning resistance: Faulty tyre pressure leads to insufficient surface contact. This considerably reduces hydroplaning resistance of your car tyres.
    • Poor braking ability: Incorrect tyre pressure affects and increases the braking distance of your car due to its inability to gain optimal traction. With increase in rolling distance, driving safety is heavily compromised on both dry and wet surfaces.

How can we help?

If you are looking to ensure your safety and optimal tyre pressure, visit us at Laws Tyres. Our experts will first check the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle from the owner’s manual or tyre placard. They will then use a tyre pressure gauge to take the reading and re-inflate or deflate the units accordingly.

Drop by at our facility and stop looking for a “tyre pressure checker near me.”