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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?


Looking for highly-rated EU labelled car tyres Aberdeen?

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What is EU tyre labelling?

Tyre labelling is an essential tyre safety practice that involves rating every unit based on its fuel efficiency, noise emission and wet grip performance. This was mandated by the European Union in the year 2012, and gradually it became compulsory in Britain that every car garage must retail only EU rated tyres to ensure maximum road safety standards.

Guide to EU tyre labelling

In this section, we have offered you a detailed understanding of tyre labelling that will help you to make an informed decision the next time when you buy car tyres Aberdeen.

Wet grip

As per EU tyre labelling, a tyre’s wet grip performance is estimated within a range of A to G. The stopping distance between each of these ratings differs by 2.5 meters.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency of car tyres is estimated within a range of A to G under EU tyre labelling. These ratings are also colour coded for better understanding. For example, an A-rated tyre with a “Green” colour code indicates maximum fuel efficiency; on the contrary, a G-rated unit with a “Red” colour code indicates low fuel efficiency.

Noise emission

Noise emission is reflected by 3 sound wave bars, as mentioned below.

    • If a unit has 1 bar, it reflects that this tyre meets the standard limit of 3dB and is highly noise efficient.
    • If a unit has 2 sound bars, it reflects that the tyre satisfactorily meets the current required limit but may fail to meet future regulations.
    • If a unit has 3 bars, it reflects that this tyre fails to meet the current EU tyre noise limit and is extremely poor in noise efficiency.

Do you have further questions?

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