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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Misaligned wheels are one of the primary reasons behind poor car handling, odd vibrations in the vehicle and reduced tyre service life. Hence, you should opt for routine wheel alignment Aberdeen for top vehicle stability.

The purpose of accurately aligned wheels as per manufacturer specifications is to make sure that your car moves in a straight line and to ensure optimum traction and handling. At our wheel alignment garage, Laws Tyres, we also suggest you get a wheel alignment check every time you get your car's tyres or wheels changed.

How to identify if your car has misaligned wheels?

Off-centre steering wheel

While driving on a straight, smooth road, the steering wheel of your car should always remain straight. To test if the steering wheel is centred, keep an eye on the maker's logo on it. If the logo tilts towards a certain angle, it implies that your car has an off-centre steering wheel, possibly due to misaligned wheels.

Your car drifts towards a certain direction

If your car drifts into a different lane by itself, it can be quite a threat to your driving safety. To test this, go to an empty parking lot, and try driving in a straight line. After a few meters, leave the steering wheel and let the car guide itself. If the car drifts towards a particular side, it is evident that your vehicle has misaligned wheels and needs professional attention.

Squealing tyres

Misaligned wheels put much stress on tyres, especially when you are accelerating or taking a turn. This can cause tyres to emit a squealing sound.

Uneven tread wear

If one of your car’s tyres is wearing out faster than others, this may be a sign of misaligned wheels.

If a misaligned wheel is not adjusted on time, it may cause damage to other parts of the vehicle, like the suspension system. Moreover, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle will take a dip as well.

Why is wheel alignment Aberdeen important?

By taking regular checks, you can improve your vehicle's steering response and fuel efficiency.

Our technicians at Laws Tyres work on these three angles to realign the wheels precisely:

Camber angle

The inward or outward angle of the wheels visible while viewing the car from the front is known as the camber angle. Excessive tilt in the camber angle affects the overall performance of the car.

Caster angle

If you observe that the steering axis is tilted from the car's side, that is the caster angle. It is generally tilted towards the driver or faces the front of the vehicle. The caster angle balances the vertical axle, which balances the steering wheel and aids cornering performance.

Toe angle

When you view your car from the top angle, you may observe that the wheels may be angled slightly inward or outward. When the wheels are pointing inward, it is known as the toe-in alignment and when pointing outwards, it's called the toe-out alignment. Ideally, all four wheels are to point the same way.

What causes misalignment in wheels?

  • Driving over bumpy roads and through potholes.
  • Hitting a curb.
  • Hitting concretes in the parking lot.
  • Accelerating on speed bumps.
  • Incorrectly fitted wheels and tyres.

How can Laws Tyres help?

At our garage for wheel alignment Aberdeen, our experts use advanced aligners and adjust your car’s wheel angles in the following manner:

    • Our technicians place your vehicle on the ramp.
    • They install clamps on the wheels connected to our alignment computer.
    • They take a reading of the three wheel angles and realign them accordingly.
    • Depending on the vehicle type and the severity of the misalignment the alignment takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come down to Laws Tyres at Unit 4, Hareness Circle, Aberdeen, AB12 3LY or call us on 01224230750.